The Job of a Building Inspector

A building inspector has a very interesting job, and has to have a lot of credentials in order to be able to do that job. A building inspector is, perhaps, the most important person involved in the construction of any building. They are the one who comes in during various parts of the building process and make sure that everything that is being done is being done according to the laws of the area that they live in. A building inspector needs to know all of the building laws and codes at the local and the national level, and they have to have a California state contractors license as well.

Building inspectors sometimes make people nervous, because they almost feel as if they are more of a worry than a help. But the thing is, if you are a contractor, you don’t want to get in trouble because something in the building wasn’t up to code and something happened, right? That’s what a building inspector is truly there to do. The building inspectors are there to protect you and the person or company that you are doing the construction for. Their job is incredibly important because they are there to keep everyone safe and make sure that buildings are built as they should be.

Building inspectors have to learn a lot of information in order to perform their jobs well. A building inspector has the responsibility to learn everything involved with their expertise in regards to codes, safety regulations, and anything else that may be related to the buildings they inspect. Some of them may be commercial building inspectors, so if a contractor is working on building a commercial building, they will get a different building inspector than they would have gotten if they were working on building a home.